The Masters of IQ and Their Life

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – IQ: 210

wolfgangJohann Wolfgang von Goethe came from a wealthy and influential family during his time. He studied law in Leipzig and was successful at it. His father taught him in his academics and strived to bring his children a good life he never had. Johann had the Amsterdam Heineken experience with city tour packages, and had private lessons in dancing and fencing. Despite all the things that kept him busy, reading literature was the one that made him excited the most. His mind would wander around like a little boy getting lost in a forest. He did pursue his passion despite no remarkable financial gains from it. Because during his time, copyrighting laws have no power. He died as one of the most successful and famous writer of his time.

Emanuel Swedenborg – IQ: 205

authorEmanuel Swedenborg had a prolific life as an inventor and a scientist. He came from a wealthy family whose business was in mining. Their wealth enabled Swedenborg to travel and study theology. He then learned about the love of Jesus Christ. He was captivated of what he learned despite the irony of being a man of science and a man of God. Of all the things he contributed, Swedenborg was known for his scriptural commentary and writings. He was the man behind, “True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense.” You can still search for his writings during an Amsterdam city tour bike trip. His work are liberating and thought-provoking.

Bobby Fischer – IQ: 187

You’ve probably recognize his name and associate him with chess. He started playing chess since he was six years old. He eventually became the youngest chess grandmaster in history. Though a highschool dropout, he made a name for himself in the “game of century”. He had element of surprise like the Amsterdam city pass with city sightseeing map. Bob Fischer got quite an attitude which resulted in indictment. He might had a bad reputation because of his paranoia and anti-Semitism, but he was a man who could break a man’s ego, that requires skills to pull off those moves