About Us

Hope Lies with Our Discerning People

For the People:

Our nation may not have the abundance of other countries in terms of resources, but we have each other. We believe that a nation can survive any tides of change with knowledge and wisdom combined with the love for our country. It starts with discernment. Iq-test.co.za is just a small speck of movement for a monumental goal. IQ tests might not be the answer to the improvement of education in our country, yet it could be the start of awareness. We hope that through our humble work, we can be part of the change. A change that will break the chains of poverty and ignorance.

For Businesses and Game Changers:

Iq-test.co.za is an open resource to help your organization test your people’s intelligence focusing on four areas: Verbal Reasoning, Spatial reasoning, Numerical reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. Our platform also provides tests that would be useful in your hiring process to get a higher percentage of hiring the right people who would be suitable for your vision and organization’s culture that can be used with code for mobile app. The series of tests your people have to go to measures their strengths and weaknesses, so you can find suitable training and development programs that will help them become better individuals.