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Cognitive intelligence is not something we are born with. Intelligence form as we learn, think and gain experiences. But there is such thing as low cognitive intelligence. Why does this happen? There are many factors why would a person have low cognitive intelligence. Factors like environment, education, and culture could affect a person’s cognitive intelligence. Your peers have a big role in your intelligence. Notice the business people gather at dinner cruise Amsterdam. They are said to have a high IQ because they are surrounded by people who give strong value to education and knowledge. Know your IQ. Improvement starts by knowing where you lack. Our test would provide a detailed analysis of your strength and weakness which is useful for your improvement plan.

Increase Your Intelligence Potential

Intelligence potential is a formal term for “windows of improvement”. Our minds are like sponges. It can absorb a huge chunk of information, and our brain is so complex that even surgeons cannot fully explain the maximum capacity it can hold. Your intelligence can be “activated” by doing marginal improvements in your daily life. Once you have a clear goal on what to do in Amsterdam to improve your intelligence, it is important to go beyond your goals. The sky is your limit. An IQ test can be useful in determining your “intelligence potential”. There are IQ tests that will tell you how advanced you are; however, it can also indicate retraction and decadence.

Comprehensive IQ Tests uses the standard IQ test model from Simon and Binet’s studies known as the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and the Raven’s Progressive Matrices. The IQ test will cover four types of reasoning intelligence: Verbal reasoning, Spatial reasoning, Numerical reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. It is expected that a person would excel in one or two tests but get low scores on the other two tests. The separation of IQ test by reasoning helps in determining your strengths and weaknesses. The tests are designed to identify your intelligence potential. To get recommendations on how to improve on the areas where you are weak, visit our tech blog for more information.

Verbal Reasoning

This test measures your literacy and comprehension. The test quantifies your ability to speed read and check the level of your vocabulary.

Spatial Reasoning

Spatial Tests are conducted especially for students who are pursuing engineering, chemistry, and professions that involve technical aptitude and understanding external information processing.

Numerical reasoning

It identifies the ability of the participant’s level of intelligence in solving math problems. Numerical reasoning analyzes a person’s ability to calculate, interpret data, and execution of mathematical functions.

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning has three major types: deductive, inductive, and abduction reasoning. Strong logical reasoning helps a person drive conclusion, make sound decisions, and the ability to observe intently to get the truth.